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Andreas Rottler's Bricks is a variant of the Polish board game Klocki. It started off as a simple remake of Microsoft's Klotski but soon was extended and modified so that by now there are a lot of different versions from easy to brain-twisting played by a large and international community.

Since Bricks players do not only enjoy playing but also creating new boards to challenge their fellow players, I crated a simple level editor for Bricks.

Unfortunately, the editor is somewhat out of date, since the Bricks game has been developed further while the editor was collecting dust in one of the remote folders of my hard disk. It lacks some of the newer special features and even some of the regular options such as pasting are still not implemented. At the moment, I don't have the time to continue this project. But I'd like to provide the source code of the editor to Bricks aficionados who are willing to improve and update the editor.

  • Bricks Editor source
    Delphi source code
    Delphi files [zip, 307k]

  • Technical Notes
    A brief documentation of the sorce code
    Plain text file [txt, 4k]

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